New animation completed

Take control of your treatment

We have been working with the team at Pallant Orthodontics to help them communicate the key benefit of their patients using Dental Monitoring. With Dental Monitoring you have the benefit of regular and convenient orthodontic care, without the hassle of interrupting your day for a clinic visit. 

Pallant’s doors are open to everyone, which is why our protagonist is soft and friendly. The turquoise colour palette transports us to a variety of locations while always staying close to orthodontic care. We aimed for a fast paced swish animation to go with the practicality and convenience of a “selfie scan of the teeth”. For this effect, we married up hand drawn animation with puppet animation. This allows us to have a consistent and controlled movement while giving off a more painterly look.

The rigging on this project was a first experiment on combining rasterised assets with shape layers. The challenge is to have as much of a unique, textured look as possible, without losing functionality or production time. 

One of the most ambitious shots of this project was the 3D panoramic of the scan. This is actually not made from 3D software, but animated frame by frame with shape layers. It is a traditional approach to digital software which in this case added dimension to what otherwise be a predominantly flat 2D short. 

Unlike our live action work, in animation we use cuts scarcely, working towards a seamless flow scene to scene. In the most graphic shots we animate objects into each other and morph the backgrounds together. This was the thought process behind the explanation of the dental monitoring software, so that the viewer is immersed in the process of the app and understands its straightforwardness first hand. 

You can now find it in all Pallant Orthodontic’s social media channels. Keep smiling!