A Life From The Land

In 1936, over 1000 long term unemployed workers left Newcastle in search of a new life for their families. Land Settlement Associations were being set up and encouraged those out of work to take on a 4 acre farm and grow food for themselves and their country

A Life From The Land (Full Edit)

The largest of these Land Settlements is in Sidlesham and we were commissioned by Dr Bill Martin and The Novium museum to produce a documentary that captures life on Sidlesham LSA.

As well as interviewing those that have moved to the LSA to pursue their love for growing we also interviewed the children of original settlers. We had a hugely rewarding time researching and creating this film. Listening to the stories of those that were there first hand gave us a welcome insight into this important Land Settlement.

The film is housed at The Novium museum in Chichester and will be displayed as part of the Land Settlement Association exhibition. 

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