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Chichester College - Music Department

    • Chichester College Music Promo Grab

Chichester College approached us to create a promotional film that informs prospective students of the variety of courses on offer at Chichester College. The film also shows how aspirational the college is when it comes to their students’ future careers. It was great fun working with the team in the music… Read More

A Film For ORCA

    • orca grab 6

ORCA are a charity that work to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK and European waters. We were asked to produce a short film that highlights some of the key programmes that they have implemented and how they are having a positive impact on the conservation of whales, dolphons and… Read More

Construction Timelapse for Inland Homes

    • inland homes wdgv grab 1

We have been working with Inland Homes in producing a timelapse for their new development in Uxbridge. This short film takes us from the first digger on site through to a finished showhome. Read More

Spire Hospital Portsmouth

    • spire 8

We recently completed a promotional video for Spire Portsmouth. Our task was to demonstrate the wide range of services on offer and capture the essence of the hospital within a few minutes. We interviewed memebers of staff ranging from nurses to consultants to the hospital manager and it was clear that… Read More


    • iHighbury Grab

We were recently commissioned by Highbury College to produce an animation which promotes online learning as it is a growth area at the college and one they wish to embrace further. We incorporated the Highbury colour scheme and created a character led approach which we hope to roll out across their… Read More

Hayling Billy Memories Premiere

    • screening hayling billy

Our short documentary featuring testimony from former staff and passengers of the Hayling Billy was screened at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre on 29th May. It played to a packed theatre at 2:30pm meaning that a second screening was hastily organised which also played to a packed house. The strength… Read More


    • ftt track

We have been working with FTT Global for a few years now and have developed a clear and simple animation style for their videos. This latest video was commissioned in order to present a clear understandable step by step guide to their 'Exchange my Currency' feature. Mr FTT looks set to… Read More

Filming Hayling Billy Documentary

    • Hayling Billy Production Pic

Hayling Billy Memories is a documentary film we are currently producing with The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre in Havant. The Hayling Billy is a Victorian train route running from Havant to Hayling and was worked by Steam Trains from the first day to the last. Today we finished filming, having… Read More

Six Months On...

    • This Was Our D-Day Behind The Scenes

Six months ago Oli joined us at Millstream and here's his take on it so far: I look forward to every day I spend with Millstream Productions, knowing we are creating films that are new and exciting.  It could be a promotional film for an emerging or successful business, or a… Read More

New Timelapse for St George's Beneficial School

    • st Georges timelapse

St George's Beneficial School in Portsmouth have recently had a brand new (and pretty high tech!) library added. We were asked to follow the new build with a timelapse to show the key stages. The library was opened officially today by Hugh Dennis and the video was premiered.  Read More

Promotional Films for Porsche Centres

    • Porsche Grab

We’ve recently been working with Porsche in producing films for two of their centres. As car fans we were delighted to learn more about the incredible experience of visiting these centres and owning a Porsche. The theme of the films reflects their ethos of building lasting relationships and person-centred approach to… Read More

Filming War At Sea Documentary

    • Filming War at Sea

Over the past two days we've been working with media students from Havant College Sixth Form in producing the documentary, War At Sea. The film tells the story of the famous World War 1 Battle of Jutland, in particular HMS Invincilble. Millstream Productions have led workshops over the past 6 months… Read More

Promotional Films For Edes House

    • edes house grab 2

Edes House is a fantastic venue in the centre of Chichester that can provide a great place for meetings (including a recent one we held), film shoots, weddings, dinners etc. We've been working with the team at Edes House and West Sussex County Council in producing two promotional films.  The challenge for… Read More

Shape and Space film launched

    • screening the film

We've been working with 4 young filmmakers as part of the Strong Voices project in mentoring them to produce their own film and gain an Arts Award qualification through the process. Artswork provided the film's brief: to create a 10 minute documentary that explores the outcomes of a "theatre-based numeracy project"… Read More

Begun Filming War At Sea

    • WAS Ian banfield

Today we started filming for War At Sea, a documentary project written and filmed by students at Havant College Sixth Form. After an advanced production workshop we interviewed Ian Banfield who is a local artist and is re-producing WW1 photos with oil on canvas. The results are stunning, evocative and… Read More

Sci Fi Screening

    • Sci Fi Screening

Today marked the culmination of our Science Fiction film project with St George's school in Portsmouth and to mark the grand finale we screened all the films and the 'making of' documentary at the amazing Number 6 Cinema in Portsmouth Dockyard. It was attended by all year groups as well as… Read More

Stopgap Sg2 - Exhibition Live Promo

    • stopgap sg2 promo grab 3

The guys at Stopgap have produced another stunning piece of work. 'Exhibition' is a collection of eclectic dance miniatures featuring Stopgap's emerging artist company, Sg2. This promo was recorded during a live performance at the West Wing Arts Centre. Read More

St George's Sci-Fi

    • St georges sci fi set

We are proud of our association with St George's Beneficial C of E Primary School in Portsmouth. This Autumn term we have been working with Year 5 and 6 pupils in the Science Fiction genre. The 50 pupils that we have worked with have been looking at fairytales as part of… Read More

Oli Joins The Team

    • This Was Our D-Day Behind The Scenes

This month we welcome Oli to Millstream. He first worked with us on a D-Day project back in May and has impressed us ever since. Read More

Happy Birthday Millstream!

    • camera at sea

Today, Millstream celebrates its third birthday and we’re taking 5 minutes off to look back at our journey so far. When we started in 2011 our ambition was to make important work, meet inspiring new colleagues and build something that was ours. Three years on, our work has been shown globally,… Read More